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DVELAS Lighting project: our patrons


 We achieve our goal thanks to you  Nous atteignons notre objectif merci a toi Hemos alcanzado nuestro objetivo gracias a tí

Alfredo López Taberna
Alvaro Ruiz Barriales
Amaya Auriz
Amaya Goñi Delzangles
Ana Alzola
Antoine Resseguier
Argimiro Sola
Aurore Bardé
Beatriz Ochoa
Belén Riaño
Carlos Velázquez Goya
Carmen Hocker
Catalina Arraiza
Célie Depardieu
Cris García
Daniel Martirena
Diego Perez de Castro
Dominique Tambay
Elena Catalan
Elena Quintanal Almagro
Equilan mobiliario
Eva Samalea
Fernando Martin Lanas
Gabriela Fuentes Ibarz
Gonzalo Carro Lopez
Helena Puig
Iñaki Pascual
Iosu Iriarte
Isabel Erro
Javier Arruti Lopez
Javier Lopez Ojeda
Javier Torrens
Jesús Clemente Villalba
Jokin Lorca
Josep Agusti de Ciurana
Juana Oloriz
Laura Huerta
Laya Abós
Lola Celada
Manuel Carriedo
Maria Gameiro
Maria García-Tejedor
María Granda Taberna
Maria Inés Diez Fernández
Marion Sanguinetti
Marta Biurrun Cia
Marta Cota
Matilde Calvet
Matthieu Pouyat
Miguel Lasaosa
Miguel rada
Miguel Trocoso Ferrer
Miguel Vallet de Montano
Miguel Zandio Zorrilla
Mirian Erroz Perez
Nuria Fernandez Delgado
Prospero Risiglione
Rafael Galobart
Rafael Solchaga
Roberto Cirauqui
Sandra Santander Gonez
Sarah Keenan
Sasu Protis
Suministros Navarra Gsat’s
Véronique Servan



DVELAS Lighting Design Project

We present our latest project which we are promoting through a crowdfunding campaign. We have been working on this lighting design endeavour for the past few months, designing, planning, devising … At last it seems that everything is ready to be made known and invite you to participate! 😉

The basic idea of the campaign is to get the financing we need with small contributions from many people. Of course, in return we give you a bracelet, a wallet or a sail bag or a mini-pouf or one of the first units of the new lamps as a reward. You can participate here: www.ulule.com/dvelaslighting

You can choose any object you will see when clicking on the link. Temporarily buy the item you like best and pay it. If we reach the goal, the item you have purchased will arrive at your home and you will have benefited from a discount and will have helped us to develop the project. But if we can’t reach the goal together, we will refund the money you have now advanced. It has no risk to you and you can help us move forward.

These are our first lamps!!

Please take a minute of your time to check out what we are doing and support our project, and if you could share this message or crowdfunding link (in social networks, word of mouth …), even better, because more people will be encouraged to participate and we will have more chances to reach our goal! 🙂

Thanks to people like you, projects like ours have an opportunity to move forward!

A hug and thanks in advance!!!!

Unique designs for you in Hábitat

We continue reusing sails to transforming them into beautiful furniture designed to fuse beauty, comfort and durability.
Sails that have travelled around the world for years are now transformed into awnings with incorporated lighting to iluminate your favourite space. Our in new designs* bring you closer to the ocean without leaving your armchair.

*Come and discover our latest design in the  Feria Hábitat Valencia
in our ESTAND D39 / LEVEL 3 / PAVILION 1
from the 17th to 20th of September

A Babord Toute!

We have the luxury of exhibiting our furniture in the prestigious LE BON MARCHÉ Shopping Center in the center of Paris.

Under the slogan A Babord Touté! and inspired by the lifestyle of the French coast and sun holidays, there is an exquisite selection of products that can be visited until the end of June.

#ababordtoute #LeBonMarche

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

DVELAS furniture at Joe Perkins designed The Facebook Garden: Beyond the Screen exhibit.

World-renowned, glamorous and quintessentially British, RHS Chelsea is a truly unique and unforgettable day out.

As a ‘designed landscape’, The Facebook Garden: Beyond the Screen, is designed to celebrate the positive impact of spending meaningful time on social media and how this enriches our lives – particularly those of young people – in the real world.

The coastal themed garden uses the natural connectivity of water and the ocean to represent the interconnectivity between our online and offline lives, and the interactions, social change and opportunities that social media helps facilitate across the world. Whether it’s connecting with friends and family, sharing a passion or interest with a group or driving social action in the community, the garden is designed to start a conversation around how social media can be used as a powerful force for positive change in the real world. The garden will be built with and for young people and will be rehomed to provide a physical space where young people can connect around shared passions or interests.

Show: RHS Chelsea Flower
Designed by: Joe Perkins
Built by: The Outdoor Room
Sponsored by: Facebook
Stand n.: RHW291
Date: 21-25 May 2019
Tuesday – Friday: 8am – 8pm
Saturday: 8am – 5.30pm


Garden design concept, by Joe Perkins:

“Inspired by the spectacular coastal landscapes of the Basque Country, the garden uses a coastal theme to celebrate and represent the countless stories of people who use Facebook to find common ground with others and to connect in real life, including the 1.5 million people in the UK who are part of a gardening group on Facebook.

Water connects all of us geographically and physiologically and is an integral part of this coastal inspired garden, making up around 35% of the surface area. The water is a metaphor for the positive connectivity and opportunity made possible through social media, and the dynamic nature of technology.

The energy of a wave represents social interaction. It washes water across the ‘tidal’ pool and over layered rock formations. The rock formations have coastal species planted in the gaps and crevices and represent the sedimentary rocks known as ‘Flysch’ which make up part of the Basque coastline; the original inspiration for the garden.

A wave-form sculpture forms a canopy over the timber deck. The copper ‘wave’ symbolises the industrial properties of technology and references the theme of connectivity. The timber for the deck comes from reclaimed sea defences.

The garden seeks to be a representation of the variety of coastal habitats, not just of the Basque Country, but across the globe. Subsequently, plants from all over the world feature in the garden, the common denominator being that they have developed to grow in a coastal environment. This specialised global community represents the many shared interest and community groups on Facebook.

The coastal habitat is one of the richest and most diverse habitats where many species can thrive. These landscapes are constantly changing and evolving, creating opportunities for interaction and co-existence.”

Customized stools in PECK Milano

Vudafieri-Saverino Partners‘ project in Peck city life pavilion in Milano has used DVELAS customized stools dyed in black.

DVELAS also offers the possibility of customizing all its products with the brand or logo you want printed on the fabric, or engraved on the surface of the wood. 

Customized 3nd RIS stool. Dyed black plywood structure and Abu Dhabi’s upcycled sail.


Customized 3nd RIS stool. Dyed black plywood structure and Abu Dhabi’s upcycled sail.


Customized RIS stool. Dyed black plywood structure and Abu Dhabi’s upcycled sail.


Giardina. Live your garden

DVELAS shows for the first time its outdoor furniture collection in GIARDINA – Switzerland in a 400 m2 big show garden.

Messe Zürich – Halle 1, D 40. My Garden // 13—17 March



Visit us!! May 20-23, 2018 Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, NYC.
This year DVELAS is going to present its new DHINGY tables family.
Every seating system needs auxiliary tables. DINGHY is a collection of holding tables designed with the same Marine Plywood and Sails Collection’s structure system and resin envelope with upcycled sails inside.
Dinghy means in nautical, small boat generally used as auxiliary ship of a larger ship.

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