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1/ What are the DVELAS furniture edition designs based upon?

All the furniture designs have a conceptual component whose aim is to make the materials work in a similar way to what they do at sea. That is why concepts such as the tension of the sail or equilibrium are present in the designs. The sailing techniques and intrinsic qualities of the materials are also a source of inspiration for the designs. And, of course, the sea and its poetry.

2/ What is a Limited Edition?

All the DVELAS Furniture Editions use recovered sails. A series is made out of each sail, consisting in a limited number of pieces that have been manufactured with that sail. All the products have a traceability tag that gives information about all the available data of the sail, its origin, the type of sail, the sail-maker brand where it was manufactured, the sail number of the boat it belonged to.

3/ What is a Unique Edition?

Some sails or parts of them have certain esthetic qualities such as the marks, colours, seams, etc., which make them very special. We call the pieces that have been exclusively selected to emphasise these unique characteristics UNIQUE EDITIONS.

4/ Can you make a DVELAS product with my old sail?

Yes, get in touch with us by email at dvelas@dvelas, com, or by telephone at +34 948 237 091 and we will take charge of picking it up and of making a good offer.

5/ Are the products suitable for outdoors?

Yes. The material used to manufacture the sails has excellent qualities with respect to mechanical resistance and humidity behaviour and they will continue to keep those attributes despite not being suitable for sailing. Furthermore, DVLAS waterproofs the recovered sails after washing them.

Although the upcycled sail fabric is waterproof and have an anti-solar treatment, with the proper easy care and maintenance it can offer many years of beauty and enjoyment. If it is not properly cleaned and protected, it will gradually degrade and its beauty can begin to fade.


1/ Does sunlight exposure hurts the fabric?

Reduce long period exposure to direct sunlight: Protect your Génois from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight with the help of a shady place.

2/ How can I wash the nautical fabric of DVELAS products?

Wipe with a damp cloth is sufficient for light stains. For further cleaning, the cover can be washed in the washing machine with warm water and mild soap. To extract the pearls from GENOIS puffs, we suggest a large bag and perform the operation slowly and carefully because the EPS beads are very light. Be sure to lock the rack to return the balls out please.

3/ Can I leave my seat our lounger in any place?

Clean your furniture area regularly. After cleaning your floor, allow it to dry completely before placing it.

4/ What about the filling material of the puffs?

When you notice that you need to fill the interior, contact dvelas@dvelas.com, we will tell you the exact amount do you need depending on the model. We recommend 20 Kg.’s density EPS balls for intensive use GENOIS and 10 Kg.’s density EPS balls fur normal one.

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