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DVELAS is a contract furniture company. The designs vindicate the plasticity of sails and use rigging techniques of professionals sailmakers as the inspiration and the way forward.

DVELAS started as a creative reaction to reuse the huge quantity of material thrown away by the sailing industry. Material, which is not apt for sailing but which possesses excellent qualities in terms of durability and resistance.


The models in the contemporary furniture collection reclaim the sculptural form of the sail and they use as inspiration, the rigging techniques, technology and the making of the professional sailing makers.

avoids using the material as a lining or upholstery, on the contrary, the idea is that the material stays in tension, working the same way as when it was used for sailing, giving back this way its dignity even though the sail has been taken into parts.


Enrique Kahle Olaso


Born in San Sebastián in 1968 and currently working in Pamplona, Enrique Kahle is an architect by the Universidad of Navarra. His entrepreneurial and research spirit has led him to found several initiatives, including the architectural firm Enrique Kahle Arquitectura and upcycled sail design furniture company DVELAS. His practice regularly delves into between the two disciplines.


Much of the work Kahle produces, seeks to explore the untapped potential of familiar materials, encouraging them to behave in unfamiliar ways.


DVELAS’ Merits: A’Design Award in Textile, Fabric, Textures, Patterns and Cloth Design category  // Design accesit by COAVN College of Architecture, DVELAS furniture collection // Selected for “Premi Catalunya d’Ecodisseny” // Winner of ICFF’s Editors Award NYC.


Our open project merges different activities and sectors with the common bond of passion for sailing, design and beauty.


The current design team is comprised of two architects, one designer and a sail manufacturer. DVELAS sometimes collaborates with other designers and artists for special projects or exclusive editions.


The architectural studios Enrique Kahle Arquitectura in Pamplona and Kahle Arquitectura y Diseño in Madrid collaborate in designing spaces. Borja Fuentes collaborate in producing special technical projects. 


Enrique Kahle is an architect, Arraitz Koch is an art director, Borja Fuentes is an architect and sailmaker, Esperanza Kahle is an architect.


Each sail is used to produce a limited series of products, and all of them are tagged with an inscription that provides information regarding the sail ́s origins: the port it comes from, the ship, the type o sail, the original manufacturer and its numbering edition.


From each selected sail DVELAS takes a limited number of pieces, we call them Limited Editions and they are of a plain colour.


Some sails or parts of them have certain esthetic qualities (marks, sailmaker logos, numbers, diferente colours, …) that make them very special. We call the pieces that have been exclusively selected to emphasise these beauty characteristics Unique Editions.

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